Rey Lopez Birthday Bash


So this year is going to be epic when it comes to Drag Queens and San Antonio, TX. Rey Lopez does it again and for his 40th Birthday Bash on July 24th he has invited 11 sicknening Rupaul’s Drag Race contestant to perform under one roof. The lineup will include Raven, Jessica Wild, Raja, Yara Sofia, Adore Delano, Phi Phi O’Hara, Latrice Royale, Shangela, Trixie Mattel, Milk and Detox. I’m so excited to see them and hopefully meet them….. and hopefully sleep with Milk as well! Well with that in mind if you want to purchase tickets head to were their is an abundance of tickets from balcony seats to personal tables. This event is going to be amazing and I can’t wait to “Party “(Adore voice) with you all there!!!😃

Simple Mangonada Recipe FTW!


Hi everyone as summer approaches and the temperatures keep rising I suddenly find myself in the need of something to cool me down. My favorite treat for this weather is a sweet and sour Mangonada. The one pictured above is my own homemade mangonada with chamoy sauce. Its super simple to make and taste amazing!

What you are going to need is a bag of frozen mango chunks, sugar, water ,chamoy sauce and plastic cups.

First of you place your frozen mango chunks and water in the blender. I usually do 1 lbs of mango per 1 cup of water but you can adjust that according to the consistency  you want.Then you add sugar according to how sweet you want your mangonada to be.After that you take a plastic cup and place some chamoy at the bottom ,adding the mangonada mix next , and toping it off with more chamoy. Lastly you place your cups in the freezer for about 6 hours or until the mangonanda is frozen. If you prefer you can chill the mangonada at a warmer temperature so that it can still maintain a slushy like consistency.

Enjoy this delicious recipe anytime time you hit the pool or do any other outdoor activity. Its sure to keep you fresh and cool especially here in Texas were thermometers sometimes read 110°F. I’m still working on Adult Alcoholic Mangonadas but I’ll keep you all posted on that exciting project. Ciao!

Football Glam Look


More fun with acrylic paint. I was kind of inspired by football and the extremly vivid colors every team displays. I just used shiny blue acrylic paint and a stencil on my cheekbones and yellow acrylic paint on my lips. Not exactly sure what team I’m going for with this color combination. Well anyways I know they’re not a football team but Go Spurs Go!Au Revoir!

My handpainted Totes Neon Bag

Sacks Fifth Avenue Totes Neon Bag.
Sacks Fifth Avenue Totes Neon Bag.

Transformed this Sacks Fifth Avenue Bag from a beige tone to a bright Neon Yellow. Materials used were just a brush and some acrylic yellow paint. I love the overall effect of the paint on the material and its one of my new favorite pieces. Transform trash into treasure!

Im back! And so is Trixie Mattel

Sorry for the long hiatus guys I had a really tough semester but luckily it is almost over! Something that has definitely helped keep me sane these few months is the return of Rupauls Drag Race now on its 7th season. If you have been following the whole season you are probably aware of the horrible disaster that occured on episode 4 where Trixie Mattel, a fan favorite, was sent home. This week however justice was served and Trixie redeemed herself with her spectacular performance as a conjoined child pageant contestant along with the queen that sent her home, the hottie Pearl. Now that Trixie has secured her spot back on Drag Race my hope is she can rattle up some cages. At this point its hard to tell who the top three might be. I definitely want Trixie up there but judging from the unexpected twists this season I dont know who to place bets on.Will their even be a top three this season? Top2? Top 4? Well stay tuned to find out and if you don’t I will for you.! Hasta Luego!

Vitamin E

Ok so not the most common vitamin used but it works wonders especially for your skin. Vitamin E is effective against free radicals and is easily accessible in a multitude of foods. You can purchase plain vitamin E oil at the corner store but I prefer to get it through food. Sunflower oil is packed with vitamin E and I use it to cook as well as in my beauty products. Avocados are also great sources of vitamin E and with a press its simple to extract oil from its skin. Leave some avocado oil on your skin overnight and you will be waking up with glowing smooth skin!

Rupauls Drag Race

Anyone watch this marvelous show? A portion of the premiere aired this Monday on LogoTV with the rest of the premier this upcoming Monday.I must say I already have my favorites  Lajanga Extranga and Adore Delano. Lajanga I like because shes from Texas and her affinity with the substance in her name. So far she also seems to be one of the front runners in the competition. Adore I like because she just seems out of it so thats a plus for entertainment. The show is so ridiculous its antics are only rivaled by Tyra Bank’s “Americas Next Top Model”. You have to check out the premier it makes the start of your week less of a DRAG!